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Flexible Pharmacy Staffing needs a Pharmacist for a Long Term Care Pharmacy opportunity to help with Automated Dispensing Unit (ADU) restocking process in Thomaston, Georgia.

Restocking Job Details:
Work Times: Meeting times to be coordinated with pharmacy delivery staff.
Duration and Frequency of Task: Approximately 5-10 minutes on-site every 7 days
Quantity: Depends on how many sites you agree to service for the set fee.
Start Date: ASAP
Pharmacists who are local to each city would be preferred as there is NO travel reimbursement offered for this job, the $50 flat-rate-fee applies per site per visit.

Restocking Job Functions:
- The state of Georgia is requiring pharmacists to be present when we load our nursing-home based ADU (automated dispensing unit) with canisters (similar to a Baker cell in retail pharmacy).
- The canisters have already been bar-coded and scanned and checked by a pharmacist at the pharmacy. We just need a pharmacist who will sign a piece of paper that says they were there during restocking.The liability for correct filling is on the pharmacy and the pharmacist who checked the canister here at the pharmacy.
- The time is pretty flexible – we try to stock canisters once every 7-10 days. Pharmacy tech calls the pharmacist 3 days before the canisters absolutely have to be loaded and schedule a time convenient to the pharmacist. The actual visit takes about 5-10 minutes. It will be walk in, watch the tech load, sign that you were present and walk out.
- Pay is $50 per visit, and we will aim to have the pharmacist be local or have no additional travel cost

- Bachelor´s degree from an accredited School of Pharmacy or Pharmacy
- Current license in the state of practice.

Location Pay rateTax term
Thomaston, Georgia, United States $50 per visit. Possible more if travelling far.1099 Contractor

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