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Flexible Pharmacy Staffing needs a Pharmacist for a Long Term Care Pharmacy opportunity to help with Automated Dispensing Unit (ADU) restocking process in Thomaston, Georgia.

Restocking Job Functions:
- The state of Georgia is requiring pharmacists to be present when we load our nursing-home based ADU (automated dispensing unit) with canisters (similar to a Baker cell in retail pharmacy).
- Further training and information will be provided on-site

- BachelorĀ“s degree from an accredited School of Pharmacy or Pharmacy
- Current license in the state of practice.

Location Pay rateTax term
Thomaston, Georgia, United States $50 per visit. Possible more if travelling far.1099 Contractor
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  1. Restocking Job Details:
    24 hour advance notice will be given for these needs.
    Duration and Frequency of Task: Approximately 30 minutes on-site every 7 days. Occasionally an extra visit.
    Start Date: ASAP
    Pharmacists who are local to each city would be preferred to minimize travel reimbursement for the client, the $50 flat-rate-fee applies for each site per visit.

    Yes I have read the job details. I will ask questions in my cover letter.

    NO, this job may not work out for me, but I still want to apply (I will make note on cover letter to explain).

  2. What is your distance from (only) the locations below to which you are agreeable to a $50 contract rate per coordinated 7-10-day visit?
    - Thomaston, GA

  3. For the sites you have selected, will you be satisfied with a $50 fee per visit (all-inclusive), on a contract (1099) basis?

  4. If you are NOT willing to perform the described restocking function at the locations you noted above for $50 (all-inclusive), and we must exceed our client's budget, would you require additional travel compensation to consider this opportunity? Please describe how much compensation you would need.

  5. Is the above price based on you being a STANDARD PAYROLL EMPLOYEE (taxes come out of your paycheck) OR are you a "1099" CONTRACTOR, (where you fill out a w-9 form, get a 1099 report at year-end)? If you don't know the difference, you are a payroll employee.


    "1099" contractor (where you fill out a w-9)

  6. For future potential "traditional" pharmacy staffing opportunities, what hourly rate of compensation do you require?

  7. HOW SOON would you be available to start performing this Restocking function?

  8. What is your availability, in general?

  9. We must be able to quickly secure two or more work-related references for you. Current or former managers/supervisors are preferred (not co-workers or friends). The more relevant to the job at hand, the better. Please provide accurate and current information. Be prepared to help us connect with these (or additional) references, if need be. Please understand that by supplying references, you are giving us permission to call these references. If there are extenuating circumstances why we should not call them, please note why on each reference. However, if we are unable to complete reference checks for you (and we have other qualified applicants), your application may be paused.
    Please note Work Supervisory Reference #1:
    Include REFERENCE NAME / TITLE / PHONE / EMAIL and other contact information / WHERE you worked with them / WHEN you worked with them

  10. Please note Work Supervisory Reference #2:
    Include REFERENCE NAME / TITLE / PHONE / EMAIL and any other contact information / WHERE you worked with them / WHEN you worked with them

  11. Please note Work Supervisory Reference #3:
    Include REFERENCE NAME / TITLE / PHONE / EMAIL and other contact information / WHERE you worked with them / WHEN you worked with them

  12. SCREENING: Would you be willing to promptly undergo a drug screen / background check to fulfill our clients' requirements?

    YES - just tell me where to go pee!

    NO - I would NOT be willing to take a drug screen.

  13. SCREENING: Our client pharmacies often have specific guidelines related to past criminal convictions. Do you have a criminal conviction history (felonies-life / 5yrs misdemeanor) which may prevent an employer from hiring you for work in a pharmacy with narcotics/medical billing? Have you left a pharmacy job related to an incident involving prescription medications in that pharmacy? Have you had Board Actions taken against your pharmacy-related license (past or present) in any state? If "yes" or "maybe", please explain. **If state or local laws do not require you to answer this question, please note note "LAW EXEMPT" in this space**

  14. For future potential staffing opportunities, are you looking for a full-time or part-time position?

    I desire to quit my current job and start a new full-time job.

    I am looking to supplement my existing full-time job with PRN shifts, as my schedule allows (availability noted elsewhere in this application).

    I am between jobs and I am open to temp, full-time, or part-time opportunities.

    Other (I'll explain in cover letter)

  15. For future potential staffing opportunities, tell us about your RPh pharmacy staffing work background. Have you worked in home infusion, mail order, long term care pharmacies?

  16. For future potential staffing opportunities, what pharmacy software systems are you experienced with (please be specific, if possible)?

  17. If you are out of work, please tell us what motivated you to leave your last position, and what you've been doing to prepare for your next career step?

  18. Do you have a clean driving record? If unsure or NO, please explain. A driver background check may be performed before and/or at any time during your employment.

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